Not your typical pilates routines.

IM=X® is fitness reinvented and reconstructed to help you achieve dramatic results quickly regardless of your age, fitness level, or goals.  IM=X® is a formula that makes you strong and helps you feel good, conquer life and hold up those you love.

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“Entrepreneurs are tapping the country’s thirst for individualized fitness...The Xercize Studio, LLC began franchising the IM=X® Pilates Studio for adults fed up with overcrowded gyms.”

Wall Street Journal

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“Built to withstand heavy use the Xercizer, is an updated version of the original Pilates Reformer that features an extra-durable industrial design.”

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“Stepping the intensity up a notch, IM=X® incorporates cardio and strength-training for optimal sculpting success...utilizing stabilization techniques…”

PilatesStyle Magazine

Powerful Reformer

Made in the USA, the Xercizer offers an unparalleled reformer experience. IM=X® designed its own reformer to include enhanced features for strength-training and cardio components. Made of steel and aluminum construction, a wider carriage with a long glide and large jumpboard, you will transform your body faster with our powerful equipment and programming.

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Applied Exercise Science

Although you don't pronounce the equals sign, it's appropriate that IM=X® (Integrated Movement Xercize) resembles a scientific equation.  It applies modern research to the time-tested discipline of pilates, and adds cardio, strength-training as well as other physical disciplines to the equation.

fitness as medicine

Proprietary Workouts

IM=X® offers a re-choreographed and reconstructed pilates and fitness solution for everybody. Our workout formulas integrate strength-training, barre and cycling as well as neuromuscular facilitation, PNF stretching and more. IM=X® is the ultimate fitness formula!

integrating physical disciplines

We are thrilled to be re-signed for our next 10 year term…Out of all of my different careers this is by far the best thing I have ever done and I truly love what I do! The IM=X® Pilates franchise allowed my husband to quit his job, and we have lived solely off our IM=X studio’s income for the past 10 years with a great lifestyle and more freedom.” 

Rhonda Webber, Owner, IM=X® Lake Oswego OR 
Rhonda Webber, Owner, IM=X® Lake Oswego OR

Stepping the intensity up a notch, IM=X® incorporates cardio and strength-training elements for optimal sculpting success…utilizing pelvic and ribcage stabilization techniques…plyometric jump segments sprinkled throughout the workout which was created by exercise physiologist Elyse McNergney.”

- PilatesStyle Magazine 
- PilatesStyle Magazine

Here is one equation that will keep you fit! The benefits of an IM=X® workout have been discovered by many pro athletes, including members of the New York Mets …IM=X® offers a cross-conditioning system focusing on muscle efficiency through posture and core endurance. The comprehensive program includes resistance training, plyometrics and innovative formats…IM=X® brings intensity and efficiency to functional-strength and flexibility training.”

- Physical Magazine 
 - Physical Magazine

Consumers are embracing the low-impact, high-results workout known as pilates, currently one of the fastest growing fitness trends in the nation. IM=X® has updated the classic pilates method with modern gym practices by adding more cardio work, offering classes tailored to client’s fitness goals… And there is an added bonus: Franchisees are entitled to certifications annually which can be used in any manner they choose for employees.“

- Entrepreneur Magazine 
- Entrepreneur Magazine

Integrated Movement Xercize (IM=X®). It’s loosely based on pilates — a muscle toning and flexibility program –but IM=X® is a formula that packs more of a strength-training punch. IM=X® pioneer Elyse McNergney leads exercisers through a series of toning and stretching moves on a sturdier version of the pilates reformer (The Xercizer) …You’ll gladly groan through the 30-60 minutes of body shaping.”

-Fitness Magazine 
-Fitness Magazine

The IM=X® Certification System

Learn what it takes to become an IM=X® instructor and personal trainer!

Home Training Program

Access IM=X® workouts from the comfort and convenience of your home. A home gym set-up keeps you moving whether you are at your favorite studio or at home!

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